Backup Media Storage

In addition to Archive Storage, BCDM also provides a secure backup media storage service. Users of this service enjoy:

  • Confidence that their backup data is stored securely offsite;
  • Daily, Weekly or Monthly delivery and collection of backup media;
  • Ability to access backups 24/7 enabling fast disaster recovery.

BCDM can store backup media in all formats, whether that be magnetic tapes, hard disk drives, NAS devices (offline), CD’s or DVD’s. All backup media is stored within our high security media vault and is bar coded for identification, location and audit purposes.

Working to an agreed schedule, our drivers will deliver media at the same time as collecting previous media for storage, usually to a pre-agreed schedule. If required, our team will swap media over for you either at your site or at your data centre.

To find out how BCDM can help you ensure that your backups are safe and immediately available when required, please complete the form or call 0800 371212.