File Management

If you are looking for a more granular approach to your archiving we can assist you with our File Management solutions which enable customers to:

  • Request individual files for return, scanning or shredding;
  • Access relevant information quickly and efficiently;
  • Maintain tighter retention control over information;
  • Respond to Subject Access Requests (SAR’s) without undue delays;
  • Maintain accurate audit records of who, what when etc.;
  • Minimise Storage Costs.

Powerful File Management Database

BCDM uses the industry leading Records Management Database system RS-SQL from O’Neil Software Inc. At file level the database can capture vital information relating to an individual file such as the Customer Account, Department, Business Unit, the File Bar Code, File Description, Customer File Reference, date Added to storage, Current Status, Status Date, Access Count, Destroy Date and much more.

File Details RS-SQL Database

Customers are supplied with File Bar Codes which are applied to individual files either when the file is first created or at the point of sending for off-site secure storage.

The File Bar Code Number is recorded by the Customer against other information relating to the file, such as the description, internal reference, review date etc. This data can then either be retained for internal reference or transmitted to BCDM so that the database can be updated.