Scan on Demand Service

There is a fine line between the cost of scanning and shredding ever record and placing the records in offsite storage. It often comes down to the reason for retention and the likelihood that you will need to review the information.

Where the likelihood of reviewing the information is low but the information must be retained, offsite storage is usually the most cost effective approach. When you do have a requirement to view a document, the quickest and most cost effective method of retrieval is scan on demand.

Simply provide BCDM with the document details and our team will retrieve the box from storage, locate the document in question, scan it and make it available for you to access. This can all be completed within as little as two hours from receipt of your request.

If you have information that you need to retain for a long period of time (in excess of 7 years), or you need to access regularly, we strongly recommend that you consider a document scanning solution as the most cost effective approach.