Business Process Automation.

Ready to automate you business processes? Nintex Workflow Cloud is the number one automation solution. With industry leading connectors to integrate with other services (e.g. Salesforce, Office365, Sharepoint Online, SAP, Workday, Google Drive and ServiceNow), what are you waiting for?

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Simplifying Complex Workflows

Powerful, easy to use workflow automation software built to streamline your business processes. Every task progresses to the next stage of the workflow ensuring efficiency and accuracy, every time.

As a Nintex Authorised Partner, our experts have a complete set of automation capabilities to guide you through the process, ensuring that your automation program not only starts on track, but stays on track.

Fully Integrated Solution

Nintex Workflow Cloud is simple to integrate with popular SaaS and on site applications allowing you to retrieve, create, update data, store documents, email notifications and much more.

Start your Digital Transformation journey by mapping, automating and optimising one or several processes. Ready? Great, click the button to set up a discovery chat.

About Nintex

Nintex is the first choice for over 10,000 organisations worldwide. Their “No Code” approach to process management, automation and optimisation enables you to improve your processes, drive efficiency and reduce costs.

BCDM is an authorised Nintex Partner enabling us to assist you with the implementation of advanced technology that delivers proven results

About Process Automaton

Using a combination of tools and connectors to external (or legacy systems) processes can be automated quickly and effectively.

From the trigger event, through data capture, document automation etc. the powerful yet intuitive tools and mobile apps lead to automated processes which result in reduced costs, improved efficiency and accuracy. 

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Other Services

With decades of experience in processing and managing information and data for businesses of all types and sizes, we have a range of services that can compliment your DX journey. Use the site navigation to find out more.