About BCDM

At BCDM we believe in changing how work gets done, harnessing information and data to enable business process automation and optimisation.

Process and procedure are essential for every organisation, however, we believe in changing the way that work gets done. An open, creative and inclusive approach to process management enables optimisation, leading to improved accuracy, greater efficiency and cost reductions.

We bring together the knowledge, skills and tools required to understand business processes, introducing business process automation and business process optimisation enabling digital transformation to drive efficiency, accuracy and cost savings.

Our experience in data management allows us to see the bigger picture, understanding that automation is reliant on people and process, with dependencies on information and data of all formats from diverse silos.

We have a comprehensive set of products and services available individually or as a comprehensive solution both of which help drive your digital transformation.

• Business Process Mapping;
• Business Process Automation;
• Business Process Optimisation;
• Document Scanning Services;
• Data Capture Services;
• Records Management & Archive Services;
• Confidential Waste Management;
• Secure Shredding Services;
• Data Recovery Services.


BC Data Management Limited
Unit 26 Eden way
Leighton Buzzard