BCDM Corporate Social Responsibility

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Our Commitment to Social Responsibility

Working with organisations of all types and sizes, from local to international, we recognise the effect of global trends, including, climate change, increasingly limited resources, urbanisation and rapid digital transformation which pose both threats and opportunities.

Social responsibility has been a part of BCDM’s culture since our foundation. We are committed to making a positive difference both through our own actions and by helping others.

There is of course always more that we can do, we see our responsibility as a journey rather than a destination, embedding social responsibility in the work that we do and the decisions that we make.

It delights me to introduce our Corporate Social Responsibility Commitment which is fully endorsed not only by the Board but by all of our people, providing a framework to ensure that we make a positive impact.

Freddie (Alexander) Alston


About BCDM

Our Purpose

BCDM provides our customers with improvements to their business processes aimed at reducing costs and errors, improving customer experience and ensuring compliance while delivering value and satisfying stakeholders.

Our Services

We provide a unique circular range of products and services all of which are designed to compliment one another to drive efficiency and value. 

Digital Transformation

Helping partners on their digital transformation journey is at the heart of what we do. We consult to understand their needs, digging deep into their systems and processes recommending and implementing digitisation and automation solutions as appropriate.

Document Scanning & Data Capture

While process automation drives down the use of paper in many business areas, some industries remain heavily reliant on paper records. Our document scanning and data capture services bridge the gap, ensuring the right documents and data are available and preserved until we can automate paper out of such processes.

Archive Storage & Records Management

Legacy documents must be retained for compliance reasons. Our secure archive storage and records management solutions provide a cost effective solution to this problem. With the option to digitise records on demand we provide a seamless integration of paper with digital systems and processes. 

Secure Shredding & Recycling

Once paper records have been scanned or reach the end of their retention period, we offer a secure shredding service to destroy the records in a compliant manner. Once shredded, we strive to send as much of the resulting material as possible for recycling into new paper based products. 

Our Vision

BCDM seeks to become a respected digital transformation solutions provider for business looking to optimise and automate their business processes while delivering significant, profitable growth.

Our Values

Integrity, inclusivity and continuous improvement underpin everything that we do.

Our Values
We act with impartiality and transparency in everything that we do. We strive to do the right thing, even when that means making difficult decisions. We remain ever aware that the trust placed in BCDM is a direct reflection of the integrity that we demonstrate.

Our culture for inclusivity is based around respect for others, communication and transparency. We are fully aware of, and embrace the benefits of diversity and do not accept any form of discrimination.

While our services are designed to help our partners improve their businesses, we are simultaneously on a journey of continuous improvement, leading by example. We challenge ourselves to improve our skills, practices and to listen, learn and innovate to grow our expertise.

CSR Programme

Social responsibility is central to our decisions and activities.

Being socially responsible requires us to be accountable for the impact that our decisions and activities  have on society and the environment. This is achieved through transparent and ethical behaviour. Our social responsibility programme contributes to sustainable development that will help to ensure that future generations have the same quality of life that we do today.

Our Commitment

BCDM is committed to ensuring that social responsibility is central to our decisions, activities and culture.

Our Approach

BCDM uses British Standard  ISO 26000:2010 Guide to Social Responsibility as the framework for our people and stakeholders to work within to deliver our commitment. This framework guides our people, our corporate values and our behaviours. We focus on four main areas where we truly believe that we can make a difference, our business, our communities, our people and our environment and we have set goals for each of these priorities. 

Continuos Improvement

We monitor the success of our programme to verify our approach. Lessons learned are shared with our people and stakeholders to inform future decisions and guide our implementation plans.


Our approach is guided by the principles within British Standard  ISO 26000:2010 Guide to Social Responsibility.

We hold ourselves accountable for our impacts on society, the environment and the economy. Our internal audit programme ensures we stay true to our word, and where possible, we seek certification to relevant standards.

We aim to be open about our decisions and activities that we know will have, or are likely to have, an impact on society, the environment and the economy. We make our social responsibility commitment available to our people, partners, stakeholders and the public.

We aim to act ethically in everything we do.  We have robust governance structures in place to ensure we act ethically. Our Code of Business Ethics and our values define how we act.

We respect the rule of law and have a process in place to ensure that we identify and comply with all applicable laws and regulations in all jurisdictions that we operate in as a minimum.

We respect international norms of behaviour, while adhering to the principle of respect for the rule of law.  Where the law or its implementation does not provide for adequate environmental or social safeguards, we strive to respect, as a minimum, international norms of behaviour.

We respect human rights, and where possible, promote the rights set out in the International Bill of Human Rights.

We aim to be inclusive and actively identify and engage with key stakeholders in the development of our organisational commitment, corporate planning and direction.  We seek input from a broad range of people regardless of background, race, caste, social or ethnic origin, religion, nationality, age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, maternity, union membership or political affiliation.

Our People

BCDM is a successful and growing enterprise that values the contribution being made every day by our people. Their commitment, expertise and personalities drive our growth and push us to be innovative. We aim to create a high performance, customer focused  culture that enables our people to reach their full potential.

Learning & Development

Diversity & Inclusion

  • Engage our people in relevant development opportunities to develop their careers
  • Promote opportunities for our people to improve their physical, social and emotional well-being
  • Create a working environment that enables our people to reach their potential
  • Create a workforce that reflects the diversity of the areas in which we operate
  • Create a culture where our people, partners and stakeholders are socially accepted in all locations that they work

Our Business

We integrate social responsibility into the way that we conduct our day to day business and encourage others to do the same.

Social responsibility is an integral part of our business and we seek to lead by example.  We adopt the principles of the environmental management (ISO 14001), health and safety (OHSAS 18001), business continuity management (ISO 22301), and information security (ISO 27001) management systems standards.

We recognise that as the world we live in changes and as our business grows, we need to continually reassess how we integrate social responsibility into our day-to-day activities, in particular our value chain.


Value Chain

  • Ensure that our people are conscious of social, ethical and environmental issues and opportunities in the development and delivery of our services.
  • Continuously develop the sustainability of our services
  • Promote (internally and externally) our approach and commitment to social responsibility
  • Employ a risk based approach to the sourcing of products and services, ensuring that, as far as possible they are delivered in an environmentally, socially and ethically responsible manner.
  • Work with our people, partners and stakeholders to minimise the negative impact that we have on the environment and community

Our Environment

We seek to minimise the negative impacts that our decisions and activities can have on the environment and to improve our environmental performance.

Resource Management


  • Introduce initiatives to reduce waste and to increase recycling across all of our waste streams
  • Enhance initiatives to support our people to reduce the energy that we consume and the emissions that we create

Our Communities

Wherever possible we seek to contribute to the communities within which we operate. 


Charitable Giving

  • Provide our people with opportunities to volunteer
  • Maintain an policy of charitable donations either directly from BCDM or in support of initiatives by our people


We have a shared responsibility to deliver on our social responsibility commitment.

Our shared responsibility

Embedding social responsibility into everything that we do requires the active support of all of our people. We have a Social Responsibility Champion, who has been involved in developing this commitment and is responsible for supporting colleagues to deliver it.

Our Social Responsibility Champion receives support from the Board of Directors. Together, we help to ensure our approach to social responsibility aligns with the overall business purpose and strategy and that we have sufficient resources to deliver it.

Share and celebrate success

We are proud of what we achieve and we will share our successes with our people, partners and stakeholders as required by our reporting process.