Professional Data Recovery Services

We understand just how stressful it is finding yourself in the situation where you need Data Recovery services. We’ll do our best to minimise the stress and get your data back as soon as possible. Our experienced team of Data Recovery experts will work quickly and carefully to ensure that if the data is recoverable, it will be recovered. We will also work to recover your data in the most cost effective manner minimising your expense and downtime.

BCDM Data Recovery Lab

BCDM offers a free data recovery evaluation service coupled to a no data, no fee* promise. You can click the link to book in for Free Evaluation or complete the contact form to the right if you have any questions or require more information. *if you require your device back, a P&P charge will apply.

BCDM Data recovery Lab 2/2

Whether you are a Home User or a Multinational Company, have a failed USB Flash Drive or a RAID Server (or anything in between) we apply the same level of professionalism to your Data Recovery Case allowing you to relax safe in the knowledge that everything that can be done to recover your data will be done.

With years of experience and investment in the latest technology, BCDM has excellent Data Recovery success rates from all media types, from SD Cards and USB Flash drives, through SSD (Solid State Disks), Internal & External HDD’s (Hard Disk Drives) RAID, Servers and Virtual Machines.

BCDM RAID Data Recovery

If for whatever reason data recovery is unsuccessful, we will likely know somebody in the industry who specialises in your particular issue and we will discuss with you the options available to you to maximise the chances of a successful recovery.

BCDM Disk to Disk Cloning