Digital Forensic Services

BC Data Management Limited is pleased to support the leading Digital Forensic Service Providers in the UK. BCDM has the capability to assist with processes that go beyond the providers internal scope or capability. Thais may be from independent bulk forensic imaging of digital media for provision to investigators working on both sides of the case through to data recovery and imaging from non-functioning systems and failed storage media along with data decryption services.

Core Digital Forensic Services

Examples of work undertaken by BCDM:

  • Forensic Imaging of Digital Media with HASH Value comparison;
  • Data Recovery from damaged/failed storage media;
  • Decryption of encrypted data;
  • Chip-Off Data Recovery;
  • RAID Data Recovery;
  • Virtual Machine Data Recovery;
  • Imaging of MacOS systems (including some models with soldered SSD’s)
  • Report writing detailing work undertaken and effects on integrity of evidence.

Data can be supplied in any desired format compatible with Digital Forensic Suites such as:

  • EnCase
  • X-Ways Forensics
  • Foremost
  • FTK
  • Image formats such as DD, RAW, E01 etc.

BCDM has experience with Chain of Custody procedures ensuring that risks to evidence are minimised.

Please contact us for more information or details of how we can help with a specific case.