Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

BC Data Management  Limited seeks excellence in every aspect of our business and is committed to minimising the environmental impacts of our business operations.

To achieve this commitment, we will:

  • Strive to continuously improve our environmental performance and integrate recognised applicable best practice into our business operations.
  • Reduce our consumption of resources and improve efficiency in the use of these resources.
  • Manage waste generated from our business operations according to the principles of reduction, reuse and recycling.
  • Manage our business operations to prevent pollution.
  • Give due consideration to environmental issues in the acquisition, design and location of buildings.
  • Ensure environmental criteria are taken into account in the procurement of goods and services.
  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation as well as other environmental requirements to which the firm subscribes.

To secure these objectives, we will:

  • Provide The Board oversight and review of environmental policies and performance, and allocate resources for their effective direction and implementation.
  • Communicate internally and externally our environmental policy and performance on an annual basis, and encourage feedback.
  • Communicate the importance of environmental issues to our employees.
  • Work together with our service partners and suppliers to encourage commitment towards improved environmental performance.
  • Encourage appropriate consideration of environmental issues in the professional services we provide to our clients.
  • Review our environmental policy regularly.

This statement represents our general position on environmental issues and the policies and practices we will apply in conducting our business.