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Managed Document, Information & Archive Services.

Managing Records & Information and Business Storage while ensuring uninterrupted access is a key business challenge commonly known as Records Management and includes various operational and compliance requirements. While compliance issues may bring Records Management to the attention of business managers, it should be seen as a by product of a system designed to improve business processes.

BCDM leads the way in Records Management. With over 30 year’s experience, BCDM has embraced technology driven solutions enabling our clients to meet their document management, archive and compliance objectives. Through the use of technology, we are able to provide our clients with unrivaled service levels and a portfolio of products and services designed in a way to allow flexibility thus meeting the needs of the client as opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach.

Technology, in the form of powerful database systems and the integration of Electronic Records Management into our portfolio allows our clients to achieve highly accurate, high speed retrieval of archive material in any format, from hard copy paperwork through to Email Archiving. We can combine the records into one hosted solution accessible from the web, adding scanned images from paper archives on demand, negating the need and therefore the cost of scanning all records.

Our clients benefit from our experience when it comes to designing record retention policies, procedures for the archiving, management and storage of archive records while also benefiting from the technology employed by BCDM to deliver these products and services.

  • Document / Records Management products:
  • Document & Record Archive Management
  • Policy & Procedure Consultation
  • Staff Training
  • Scan-On-Demand
  • High Volume Document Scanning Services
  • Flat Pack Archive Box Supply
  • Secure Destruction & Confidential Waste Management
  • Backup Media Management
  • Online Backup & Recovery