Transparent Pricing

Transparent Pricing

We believe in being transparent with our Customers. Please see the information below that sets out in detail our data recovery pricing and the fees that you can expect to pay.

Hard Disk Drive Solid State Disk USB Flash Drive Memory Card
Evaluation / Diagnostics* £0.00 £0.00 £0.00 £0.00
Standard Recovery £145.00 £155.00 £85.00 £85.00
Minor Repairs £215.00 £175.00 £110.00 £110.00
Advanced Repairs £240.00 + PARTS £240.00 + PARTS £135.00 + PARTS £135.00 + PARTS
Clean Room Recovery From £395.00 N/A N/A N/A

* In some cases a Evaluation Fee / Diagnostic fee applies. Examples of where a fee is charged are water damaged equipment, where recovery has already been attempted (by opening repairing the device) and for RAID data recovery.

All prices are exclusive of VAT which is added at the prevailing rate.

N/A: Not applicable as these devices can be repaired without the need for a clean room. Clean room repairs are only required when opening standard hard disks to prevent contamination to the drive read/write heads and/or platters.

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Evaluation / Diagnosis:

This covers the receipt of the device(s) inspection and initial attempts to access data and image the device.

Expedited Diagnosis:

For same day diagnosis, a fee of £30.00 is payable to expedite your case.

Standard Recovery:

The use of hardware and software tools coupled specialist knowledge and experience to recover data in its original format and/or data carving for deleted / formatted data. It also includes attempts to recover corrupted data, no data, no fee.

Minor Repairs:

This covers minor repairs, such as re-connecting USB plugs to Flash Drives or minor repairs to Hard Drive Printed Circuit Boards (PCB’s).

Advanced Repairs:

This covers all other repairs up to but excluding Clean Room work. This could be the transferring of FLASH memory to a donor device of the same type, sourcing, installing and configuring replacement PCB’s on Hard Drives, re-flowing PCB solder or re-tracing broken connections on PCB’s.

Data Corruption:

In rare cases, recovered data may have partial or complete corruption. While it is often possible for this data corruption to be reversed, the process can be time consuming and as such is excluded from our fixed pricing.

Other Charges:

The only other charges are for Return Media for Recovered Data, Postage & Packaging. In some cases, data can be made available for download free of charge; however, in most cases it will be necessary either for BCDM to supply a USB Disk / Drive or you may supply your own once data is recovered. Postage & Packing is charged for the return of your device if requested following unsuccessful recovery attempts. P&P currently starts from £12.00 + VAT for Royal Mail Special Delivery (tracked and insured).

Is it really ‘No Data, No Fee’?

  1. In most cases yes. If we are unable to recover data from your device and you do not wish to have the device returned, there will be no charge whatsoever.
  2. Due to the high success rate we do not charge for minor repairs unless successful, again, no data, no fee.
  3. Advanced repair charges are payable in advance along with the cost of parts required (this will be prior to the parts order being placed). This is due to the reduced success rate of advanced repairs and the amount of time spent carrying out the repairs being considerable.
  4. If ‘Clean Room’ work is required, a shipping charge will be payable prior to your device being despatched to the selected partner. The partner will then complete a free of charge (except for some RAID Array cases) diagnostic and quotation. Payment will be required prior to the final data recovery by our partners.

Under no circumstances will you be billed for, or be expected to pay for services or parts without your prior consent.


At our discretion, you may be quoted lower prices than stated above, especially where a repair may fall between a minor repair and an advanced repair. If you are a Student, School, Charity or Not for Profit organisation, we offer a 10% discount on invoices under £350.00.

Why do you not list RAID Array prices?

Put simply, there are far too many variables. Every RAID Array is different in the number of disks, the configuration and the reason for failure. Also, for example, simply not knowing the order of the drives (where they have been removed from a system without being labelled) can increase the time taken to rebuild the data considerably. Please contact us to discuss your RAID Array data recovery options.


By sending your device to BCDM, you understand that the device may be dismantled (we don’t open hard drives until they are sent to a Clean Room Partner) and repairs will be made/attempted. In the course or carrying out such repairs it may not be possible for us to return your devise in the same condition that it arrived. Once data has been recovered, we strongly recommend against further use of the device (unless data loss was caused by accidental deleting / formatting). This is due to the fact that the repairs are designed only to last long enough to recover data in a controlled environment. In some rare cases, repair attempts may render any future attempts to recover data impossible. BCDM will not be held liable for such instances.

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